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linked to the territory and to the most important Italian realitiesPartners

We are an Italian Hotel Group in continuous movement, we love to connect to the territory and to the most important Italian realities to build successful partnerships and transform the Allegroitalia offer into a unique Italian experience able to excite and give smiles to our guests.



Allegroitalia Partners




A journey into the world of chocolate that involves all the senses. Historical Italian chocolate craftsman able to unite passion, love for tradition and innovation, elements that make unique the artisanal chocolate of Guido Gobino that, with Allegroitalia Golden Palace, combine two excellences of Turin and propose the Chocolate Suite, one innovative space to offer a sensory experience with a delicious and authentic Italian hospitality.




Italian luxury car sports house, AllegroItalia Hotel & Condo proudly announces the commercial partnership with the brand Maserati, with the aim of continuing to enhance Italian excellence by guaranteeing exclusive hospitality services.
The Maserati Suite by Allegroitalia Golden Palace has been designed for all lovers of Italian luxury motoring; the living room offers a unique experience, unforgettable for all the “Maserati addicted”.




Armani / Casa is a world leader in the luxury furniture sector. A synonym of elegance and style, Armani / Casa Interior Design Studio has provided the development of furniture, lighting and decoration for the Condotel luxury in the center of Milan’s fashion district AllegroItalia San Pietro all’Orto 6.




A unique emotion arises when refined sand is mixed with precious minerals and when the Masters give life to drawings and cultural expressions, coming from creative minds. There is a Genius Loci inside Venini and it highlights a different idea of glass and the way it is manufactured. This is an interesting alternative to the strengthened tradition, typical of Murano, that makes Venini a clear example of uniqueness. Glassworks signed by Venini are made precious and recognizable thanks to respect for materials and constantly developing research.


The Venini Suite, at Allegroitalia Golden Palace, is not a “simple” room but a review of the works of the most important master glassmakers on an international level. A visual itinerary that winds through all the spaces of the suite: from the living room to the corridors, from the bathrooms to the bedroom, illuminated by the original abacus lamp. A show of light and color that will leave you breathless.



Superga is a historic brand of footwear in Turin born in October 3, 1911. The company is the manufacturer of the first tennis shoes in the world with vulcanized rubber sole that were called Superga in honor of the homonymous Turinese basilica that stands on the famous hill of Turin.


Suite Superga at Allegroitalia Golden Palace is an explosion of colors and games focusing on this icon of Italian design. The experience of a real interactive journey with original thematic insights on Italian elements rooted in the territory.




The history of Calvisius begins at the end of the ’70s in Calvisano, a characteristic town in the Brescia area. The unique characteristics of the pure water present in the area are the basis of the excellent ecosystem that guarantees the authenticity and freshness of the Calvisius caviar, which has become one of the finest delicacies in world gastronomy.


Bright and with a refined design the Caviar Suite, at Allegroitalia San Pietro all’Orto 6, extremely elegant and quiet, finely furnished with elements that recall the famous brand. Guests will have the opportunity to taste some of the best types of caviar such as Caviar Da Vinci, Caviar Tradition and Caviar Siberian sipping sparkling wine or Beluga vodka in a playful environment surrounded by gray balloons that recall the shape of caviar.