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Enter the hotel and have fun!Allegroitalia Hotel & Condo

Enter the hotel to have fun!

Joy is the base of the hospitality model that Allegroitalia offers to everyone in the hotels, condotel and restaurants that it manages in Italy and in China.

Joy, Art and Love for fashion brands with shopping, theme suites and partnerships with Italian brands such as Armani-Casa, Maserati, Gobino (artistic chocolates) and Superga.

The cheerful and funny welcome is one of the most visible features.
Room for art offers free stays for emerging artists in all Allegroitalia condotel (in exchange for one of their works of art).



Joy is what we want to communicate to the guest and colleagues.

A warm smile, an extra attention and kindness characterize our staff.

But more than anything is the project ‘enter the hotel to have fun’ the fulcrum of the Allegroitalia experience, we want to offer you a unique stay made of innovative surprises that will draw a smile on your face.

Games to entertain and make smile are integral elements of our facilities.

Have you ever played golf in a hall? Have you ever enjoyed a dish with a fun appearance? Where have you already played Connect 4 with a receptionist?

This and much more is the Allegroitalia concept, a new way of approaching the guest, more informal and friendly.

Your stay will be transformed into a pleasant new experience that will enter in your heart and you will start to see us as friends.



Italy is art

Italy is art. Italy is art. Every aspect of our tradition is impregnated with history and art.

If you have talent and you want to prove it we are looking for you. From painting to sculpture, from weaving to cooking, there is no scope in which Italy is not synonymous of artistic expression. Allegroitalia knows this. For this reason each structure is a showcase dedicated to emerging artists with spaces and exhibition areas where everyone can exhibit their works.

We believe the next successful artist could be out there, waiting just for the right chance.

We invite you to enter the hotel to experience the Art of Allegroitalia, you will be amazed by the originality of the works that we exhibit.

Futuristic clothes, original furniture built with vintage car parts and vanguard photography are just some of the wonderful exhibits you can admire.


Fashion, Italian Passion

Italian fashion, the passion for beauty, the research for refined details.

Allegroitalia wants to spread the excellence of Italian fashion and fashion through shopping areas dedicated to prestigious brands that make Italy famous throughout the world.

This is why the ALLEGROITALIA SHOPPING project was born, our halls and common areas are interactive, where elegant and refined products capture the sight of our guests, inspiring curiosity and amazement.

Allegroitalia PARTNERSHIPS: We are an Italian group in continuous movement, we love to connect to the territory and the most important Italian realities to build successful partnerships and transform the Allegroitalia offer into a unique Italian experience, able to excite and give smiles to our guests.


Allegroitalia brands

Allegroitalia for upscale and luxury facilities.

Allegroitalia Espresso for midscale facilities in high traffic areas such as airports and stations.


Rooms & Suites
There are over 1,200 rooms and suites in direct management, property, franchising and management that we polish every day and make happy for you !!


Members and top management
Allegroitalia was founded in 2011 by ‘four Piergiorgio Mangialardi, President of Allegroitalia Hotel & Condo, and other members.
Since then we have been fortunate to involve some ‘subjects’ of great lucidity and intelligence that respond to the name of Luca de Giorgi and Annalisa Sacco.
The true patrimony of Allegroitalia are the 500 employees whom make the structures work every day and entertain our guests.


Maserati quattroporte even for just an hour, the traditional tomato sauce in Agritrulli, cooking school, training courses: these are just some examples of the  opportunities that we offer to have fun and live new experiences.
And the welcome is the energizing water (with magnesium and potassium) that will make you feel like a lion!