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The group wants to reach the 30 units in 2019Allegroitalia: 30 facilities by 2019

Closed an excellent 2017, with the achievement of 1.000 rooms and a renewed brand, Allegroitalia Hotel & Condo – “which Condo means condotel, buildings with apartments with hotel services, such as San Pietro all’Orto 6 of Milan” specifies the President Piergiorgio Mangialardi – the group’s industrial plan expects to touch 30 units in 2019. “To achieve this goal it’s necessary to continue investing – declares Mangialardi – not only in economic terms but also in human resources. It’s for this reason that Guido Castellini has recently joined the team, which will deal with the development – in terms of direct management, affiliation or rent – of both the hotels and condotels with the Allegroitalia brand and the midscale Espressohotel.


Meanwhile, the Italian hospitality center that has chosen as a claim “Allegroitalia, enter the hotel and have fun” has already reached 16 facilities. “Three will be open in the next few months, but I can’t give you any spoiler”, Mangialardi announces. The latest new entries, with management agreements, are the Allegroitalia Siracusa Golf Monasteri and the Allegroitalia Pisa Tower Plaza, both 5 stars, and also the Espressohotel Bologna Centrale. Then, on April 2nd, a Condotel will debut on the island of Ortigia, in Syracuse, and in Marsico Nuovo – in the province of Potenza, where there are plants for oil extraction – will open a 12-room hotel village.


In particular, Allegroitalia Siracusa Golf Monasteri extends towrds a particularly interesting market, the golf one. “In Italy, there are only 100.000 fans of this sport, but there are 7 million in Europe and even 70 million in the world”, explains Fabio Tonello, who is responsible for the development of this segment for the group. “The 18-hole course of the Monasteri is truly an exceptional one, open all year long. Furthermore, to make our offer even more appealing, we are making agreements with other golf clubs in the area, so we can offer our customers a wide range of opportunities “.


Another strategic segment is the well-being. The leader of this segment is AllegroItalia Alagna Palace, 50 suites near the start of the lifts of the Monte Rosa Ski area, which has chosen alkalinity as its concept. AllegroItalia Alagna Palace is in fact entirely designed to rebalance the right relationship between an alkaline pH and an acidic pH, favoring the good health of its guests. Starting from the scientific assumption that the human body works optimally when is slightly alkaline, the innovative Purity SPA has been designed. With a large indoor and outdoor heated pool, Purity SPA is a center of excellence where a team of professionals will be able to plan curative and food programs, guaranteed by the presence of a doctor and a physiotherapist. “A formula that is having great success” adds Mangialardi “so much that the Purity Spa project will be extended to other facilities: in fact, in a couple of months, it will be opened in our hotel in Syracuse”.


“Finally, with our three A – Allegria, Arte, Amore – which represent the core value of Allegroitalia – we bring the best of Italy in the world” concludes Valeria Condorelli, sales and marketing director. “Allegria is our watchword, always unity to professionalism, it’s for this reason that customers find games and a fun atmosphere in the hall of each of our hotels. Art because we leave space in our hotels to the creations of young emerging artists, especially the local ones. Love is expressed  not only in the care of the customer, but also towards the Italian fashion brands of which we are ambassadors. For example, in Milan, Allegroitalia San Pietro all’Orto 6 is ‘dressed’ by Armani Casa. In Turin, at the Golden Palace, we have two suites, one dedicated to Maserati and the other yo the chocolate, with the products of Guido Gobino. And soon we will be opening a Superga suite, the famous sneaker brand “.