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The first english campus in a 5-Star Hotel in Pisa!English Happy Campus!


Art, cooking, science, games. Discover the English activities of the English Happy Campus!




Are you looking for a campus in English in Pisa? No problem! Every weekend at Allegroitalia Pisa Tower Plaza there is the English Happy Campus, the first campus with games, creative workshops and many other fun activities completely in english!


The campus is organized in collaboration with LabSitters, the first project in Italy that allows young guests to quickly learn languages with games and creative workshops! The kids coaches, all native speakers, will only address the children in English, encouraging fast and natural learning. Furthermore, a personalised approach will be adopted according to the level of English knowledge of each individual child, from zero to native speaker.



Arte - English Happy Campus, Campus in inglese a Pisa



How to give vent to the creativity of children? Through art!
Besides the fun, a basic goal of each project and art laboratory is language learning. During the art labs children have fun building robots with boxes, creating stuffed animals with socks, molding salt dough, making small pottery vases and lots more. All the activities are carried out in a foreign language.




Cucina - English Happy Campus, Campus in inglese a Pisa



Through the cooking labs children can be a chef and learn a language while preparing delicious sweets and pizza!
Moreover, the children will learn about the cultural origin and taste of the food prepared.
Everything will take place under the supervision of the kids coach and in the secure spaces of the hotel.




Gioco - English Happy Campus, Campus in inglese a Pisa


Play is an integral part of every child’s growth and the English Happy Campus staff knows how to use these moments and turn them into learning experiences.
This way children have fun and learn new words, to consolidate what they have learned in school or get a head start in the study of a new language.
Some examples of games used are Memory, Bingo and many others.



Kids Lunch - English Happy Campus, Campus in inglese a Pisa



With the kids lunch the children play with the animators and learn in English the name of the dishes and everything that makes the meal a magical moment!

All dishes have been specially designed by the chef of Terrazza Pisa Restaurant Claudio Biondo, selecting natural ingredients and paying attention to any possible allergy or intolerance of the little guests.






The Happy Campus is open every weekend during the following hours: Friday from 18:00 to 22:00, Saturday from 10:00 to 23:00, Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00. The English Happy Campus takes place inside theAllegroitalia Pisa Tower Plaza, a 5 Star Luxury family hotel in Via Caduti del Lavoro 46, Pisa.


Choose the package that’s right for you: 3 hours, 5 hours, 8 hours starting at 20 euros!


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Reception: +39 050 7846444
Letizia, Family Accountable: +39 328 4083220